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Admission Application Form


1. Original and Photocopies of all academic certificates, equivalence certificate, transcripts at the time of the submission of the admission form (photocopies of all the documents in case of posted form) All programmes
2. An equivalence certificate for O-Level/American High School Diploma/International Baccalaureate and A-Level from IBCC All programmes
3. One recent passport sized photograph All programmes
4. Photocopy of applicant’s N.I.C and father's N.I.C. All programmes
5. Rs.5000 Admission form fee and Rs.5000 Processing Fee. Fee vouchers are available at All programmes
6. Two letters of recommendation filled by two different teachers who have taught the candidate [teacher can email the recommendation letter to student. Teacher’s details should be mentioned on it e.g. name, school/university’s name, subject taught, contact number, email address] Undergraduate/MBA/MS/M.Phil. programme
7. SAT I (minimum 1200 out of 1600 with minimum 600 in Mathematics) if available. Bring your college board ID and password. Undergraduate programme
8. Photocopies of DMCs/Transcripts [attested from HEC]. Photocopies of Bachelor Degree [if available]. In case of foreign qualification, please provide the equivalent level degree certificate issued by the Equivalence Section of Higher Education Commission. MBA/EMBA/MS/M.Phil programme
9. Two letters of recommendation filled by Company’s Head & immediate Boss with the signature and Company stamp EMBA programme
10. Work experience certificate on the original letterhead of the previous and current company, which should also bear the signature and stamp of the current employer (for three years) EMBA programme
  • GMAT/NTS GAT [Business Education for MS/M.Phil Business Administration]
  • GMAT/NTS GAT [Social Sciences/Art & Humanities for MS/M.Phil Economics]
  • GMAT/NTS GAT [Social Sciences for M.Phil Development Studies]
  • GMAT/NTS GAT [Physical Education for M.Phil Environmental Sciences]
MS/M.Phil programme
12. Fully vaccinated immunization certificate All programmes

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